José Luis Granados, Conductor

“The true universal language is written on a staff and spoken with instruments”


The spanish conductor José Luis Granados has been rated by specialists as “one of the most interesting young conductors in last years. A true revelation” after his participation in some of the most important conducting contests and festivals like the “Corsi Internazionali di direzione d’orchestra” in Florence (Italy), the International Festival of New Music in Buenos Aires (Argentina) or the NIMUS festival in Niš (Serbia).

Thanks to his professionalism and versatility, he develops his artistic career combining his work as an orchestra and band conductor with his activity as a saxophonist, going deep into classical and contemporary music as well as jazz, flamenco and world music.


He studied orchestra and choir conducting with maestro Gieseppe Lancetta (Santa Cecilia Conservatory) in Rome,  Juan María Esteban at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with maestro Yaron Traub at Universidad de Valencia and with Achim Holub in Austria.

He has taken orchestra conducting courses with Francisco Melero and band conducting courses with Jan Cober, Johan de Meij, Ferrer Ferran, Sanz-Espert, José R. Pascual Vilaplana, Andrés Valero, Teo Aparicio Barberán, Rafael Garrigós and Vicente Soler Soriano. As well as interpretive praxis courses with Lucca Chiantore (E.S.M.U.C.’s teacher ), orchestral analysis with Pablo Gómez, modern harmony with Jesús Fernández Vizcaíno and Dani Flors and counterpoint with Ana Cazurra.

He participated in the workshop about opera “I Puritani” Teatro Real Madrid and assist to production Don Quixote, National Ballet of Spain and Orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana, Palau de les Arts.

He has conducted concerts with several orchestras such as: Orquestra Da Camera Fiorentina (Italy), Orquesta de la Universidad de Maimónides, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Nis Symphony Orchestra y Kamerni Orkestar “Concertante” (Serbia), Kammerphilarmonier Graz (Austria), Stradivari Symphony Orchestra, Orquesta Sinfónica Teatro Castelar, Orquesta de Córdoba and Orquesta Filarmónica de Requena during their international conducting competitions, Orquesta de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Banda Municipal de Bilbao, Unión Musical Poblados Marítimos, Banda de la FSMCV alto Palancia, Banda Sinfónica de la Federación de Bandas de Murcia, etc.

He has been the principal conductor of Unió Musical El Xuquer de Sumacarcer, Banda del Centre Musical Beniopa, Sociedad Musical “La Popular” de Pedralba, Joven Orquesta Turina and Sociedad Musical de Segorbe.


He has conducted the following premieres:
– Dragan Tomic (Odjeck Vremena)
– Sergio de Oliveira (Suite para Cordas)
– Miodrag Mladenovic (Pred vratima veÈnosti)
– Brian Martínez (Fantasia para piano y orquesta) (Danzas de Palacio) and (Medea)
– Tatjana Milosevic (Susret)


Awarded in 2012 as one of the best conductors worldwide among twentyfive at the Corsi Internazionali di direzione d’orchestra in the city of Florence (Italy).
Invited in 2013 to conduct at the International Festival of New Music (FIMN) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Invited in 2014 to conduct the Symphonic Orchestra from the Faculty of Arts of Niš (Serbia) as part of the 2014 NIMUS festival.
Invited in 2015 to conduct in the International Guitar Festival Castalla City.
Member of the jury of the “Reinas de Segorbe” Composition Contest, during the II and III edition.

Finalist of the II band conducting competition “Bartolomé Pérez Casas” 2023.

“The true universal language is written on a staff and spoken with instruments”





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